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    The Technically Speaking series is UFIT’s biggest training event each year. Programming is determined by the campus-wide IT Training Committee, who schedule nationally-recognized leaders on a trending IT topic in higher education to lead the event.

    Technically Speaking 2018 – PowerShell with Mark Minasi

    This year Mark Minasi is returning to UF for a farewell training event before his retirement. This two day intensive, hands-on PowerShell training is a BYOD event and due to the hands-on design, class capacity is 85. Look for a detailed training agenda in the coming weeks.

    Training sessions is free to UF staff, and faculty but Hunter Womens Original Short Snow Boot Navy Matte g2UCn
    is required.

    Your feedback will help us select speakers and prepare for upcoming events. Got three minutes? Submit a feedback survey .

    Why take this course? Several reasons:

    This class isn't about PowerShell, it's about using some tools to get your work done easily and more quickly. It just happens that you'll learn PowerShell in passing as you learn those tools!

    It's all well and good to promise increases in productivity, but let's get specific: how exactly can PowerShell make your life easier?

    Next, let's see how to get PowerShell started and what it's going to require on our systems.

    Much of AD administration involves finding troubled accounts, retrieving details about a particular account or just taking domain statistics. You do that with a query tool of some kind, and PowerShell's basically got four such tools. One of those tools, "get-aduser," will be our first order of business. Learning your first PowerShell cmdlet's always the hardest, but get-aduser's so useful you won't notice.

    "Doing an AD query" is just another way of saying "generate the information you'd need for a cool report." In this section, we pause from our AD focus and look at how to take any AD query and make it into a useful report with a bit of formatting and delivery.

    One of PowerShell's great strengths is that it's a way to poke around the inside of Windows to uncover the kind of information that you sometimes need to get a job done and, better, PowerShell lets you then change and reconfigure that information to your liking. In this section, you'll learn a simple but effective way to find your way around any part of Windows in this second short digression from our AD exploration.

    Get-ADUser is a quite flexible tool, but that flexibility can sometimes lead to some quite lengthy cmdlets. That's why the AD folks at Microsoft created a more-focused search tool, "Search-ADAccount." We'll continue our tour of PowerShell query cmdlets with Search-ADAccount.

    By now, we're almost ready to move beyond queries, but sometimes you'll want to find, say, everyone in a group "X" that has criterion "Y." In other cases, you might need to know what user accounts have been deleted. We'll answer those questions with two more cmdlets.

    Several concept art of Cole was made under the name of "Chance" . There, Cole wore a sling bag and jacket similar to his inFamous render. Also, Cole wore black track pants with Japanese characters and the letter "Z" on the right side, with a yellow stripe. Cole also raised the left side of his pants a bit, showing bandages on his leg. He was also bald, and wore a scarf to cover the entirety of his face. He also had a gun kept on his bag's sash.

    An early render of this design can be seen at several websites, albeit modified. Cole's sling bag design was more detailed, rendering it a purple/violet and white one with a tribal design at the back. The design on his jacket was also brought into more detail, as the material appeared to be leather padding. He also lost his face scarf. This design was later changed.

    An interesting element of this design involved the developers deciding to remove the gun, and come up with a mechanism to render it obsolete, thus giving them the impetus to develop Cole's latter electrical powers, as well as the decision to remove his hair, as baldness was easier to render.

    Cole's original design in inFamous 2

    The first ever image of Cole during inFamous 2 was released to the public, which showed concept art of Cole with thicker hair, and a thicker, more noticeable beard. He wore a simple black T-Shirt, and a black sling bag. Cole wore black track pants with a white Union Jack design by the side, and also used sports shoes specifically designed for parkour. Cole's accessories included bandages, some rope necklaces, and tattoos with designs different from his current tattoos. This design was then rendered in 3D, and was seen in the E3 Gameplay and Debut trailer of inFamous 2 . Several other screenshots render Cole with even thicker hair, and also minor changes to his design.

    This design was scrapped after a majority of negative fan reactions, due to Cole looking like an entirely different person, barely resembling his original look.

    This design for Cole was received several nicknames such as, Original InFamous 2 Cole , E3 Cole , and Cole Drake / Nathan MacGrath (due to his similar appearance to Nathan Drake from the Uncharted series.)

    This design of Cole was also used as an Easter Egg in the Naughty Dog video game The Last Of Us where he appeared on a movie poster for the in-universe movie Fame .

    This list shows the characters killed by Cole:

    In Kessler's timeline, Cole and Trish married, with Zeke as the best man.

    In an alternate timeline, Kessler/Cole 's original world, Cole was married to Trish and had Zeke as his best man on their wedding day. The couple had two daughters, and lived in an unnamed city (most likely Empire City). During the said timeline, Cole had his powers, and his world was being ravaged by an entity known as " The Beast ". Instead of fighting, he fled from the Beast, even though he had the power to stop him. After years, the Beast had destroyed most of the world, and Kessler was too late to save his family, or anyone else. In an attempt to rewrite history, Kessler goes back in time. [2]

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